Accessing the drive as admin

Hi I just got my WD MyBook Live couple of days ago.

I am currently using Macbook Pro & Chrome to configure it.

I have this problem whereby I cannot connect to the drive as admin. I am always connected as guest. I am stil trying to connect from Local network, have not setup any Remote Access.

Whenever I tried to connect as admin, it always says ‘invalid username & password’. I did not setup any password yet so I believe I should be able to leave the password prompt blank and login, but end up I cannot. On the other hand, I am able to access the Dashboard smoothly without any password prompt at all.

In the end, I can connect as admin only when I set a password. But when I set ‘No password’ as an option, I could not connect again.

My question is, why I cannot connect as admin without any password?

Why exactly do you want to do this?

This is by default… Guest no password

admin does require a password…

Because I thought we can do this. Otherwise, what is the purpose of ‘No Password’ option in Dashboard?

Anyway so it is a normal procedure to  ‘Update Password’ for admin user when we first setup the drive?