Accessing services other than Netflix etc

Is it possible to access services like MLB.TV - Major League Baseball, from WD TV Live. I am a subscriber now. I have wireless access to my main computer. Can I assume the broadcast of the game as it is sent to my computer can also be shown thru my new WDTV Live  ?.  Same with the NFL package when it is available. Living in Thailand is difficult enough, need football and baseball. The broadcast is in Adobe Flash format … just hoping there are no restrictions. I am doing this now and want to replace a few dangling wires from my upstairs to downstairs with a wireless WDTV setup.

Thanks for any help,


No, there’s no way to add other services other than what’s offered.  However, you may want to look to getting something like PlayOnmedia server which will allow you to access other services like NFL Game Rewind, MBL, NHL, (if you are a subscriber),  ESPN & ESPN 3.

PlayOn works really well with the HUB.


 Thanks for the info …