Accessing Server 2008R2 after modifying RDP

Good Morning Everyone,
I thought I would be smart (but I wasn’t) and modify the remote desktop session to automatically start a program and added the line to start this program when logging in (%windir%\system\ConsoleLauncher.exe) which actually after some thought I didn’t need to do. Now every time I try to access the server, I get a message stating the program could not be run and I can only exit the remote desktop.
Is there any other way to get in or run my bat MSTSC to start with out executing the program where I can get in and change it. I tried to boot in safe mode but do not know the keystrokes after pressing F8 to start in safe mode and there is no monitor connection to watch.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated,

if it is a .bat file in the file system you can get to it from another pc by clicking start>type \\servername\c$ and press enter
Type in administrator and the password if asked

You might also install aweico remote launcher Gives you a bunch of tools. Mine has remote desktop also, in their video it is not there

Good to hear from you, but I and I mean I screwed up. I actually followed the instructions in the below article:
I have to uninstall the current connector and install the one from the “Issue” server to gain access. I will then try the Awieco software. I can access the server thru the dashboard, but do not have access to the Admin tools and the remote desktop Session Host.

why did you do that?
I dunno, install aweico and go to a cmd prompt and type gpdeit.msc
Then perhaps you can can edit the policy as in the link you posted to actually run mstsc

you also might start the remote session host from the cmd prompt

Again as always your the best.
I removed and installed the connector software on another pc, entered through the dashboard, enabled remote web access. From my pc, I could access the remote desktop session host configuration and remove the ERROR I created.
Again, Thanks for all your knowledge and help.


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You are so right again…


Actually, did you need to accomplish something? Post it here or the Microsoft forum for ideas before you do it on your own. Worst that can happen is no one will help and you will be where you started.

No, I did not actually need to do anything. I was just reading and playing. I had learned a long time ago, the more you screw up and FIX-IT the more you actually learn, the book is only for reference, hands on (in my opinion) is the best learning tool. But again, sometimes you need a little nudge from someone like you “in the know”.

Thanks Again as always,