Accessing "secret" part of My Book world "with blue rings"


I have a  My Book World “with blue rings” and I have once (several years ago)split it into two partitions,one Public and one not.

The problem now is that I can´t access that part of it from one of my PCs but I can from the other one.

It wants  my “network password” to access it but I tried all possible passwords and usernames and still “no go”…

It has no problem accessing the Public part.

The PC having problem is a HP DV6 and running W/7 64bit.

The one not having this issue is  a Compaq mini PC with XP SP3.

As a matter of fact the mini PC also can access the HP in the network and see files there,since I have “filesharing” activated on both and they are connected to the same network,but not the reverse.

Must be something I have done wrong with the settings but i can´t figure out what!

I have Microsoft Security Essentlials and only Windows firewall on the HP.

The other one has Zone Alarm firewall.

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Can you post a screen shot with the error message?

I’m baffled with this one 

I have since years the same problem. As asked an image. WD_myBook-RDN.jpg

This part takes about 40% of the disk and I simply want to delete it…

The volume can’t be seen using the ‘Shared Storage Manager’.

This problem is not OS depending as it the case with Win7, XP,…

Pressing the reset button does not solve the problem. And the last firmware 2.00.19 is installed.

This MyBook is only used in private network.

Any help is most welcome

Try changing the settings like password or making public on the network storage manager

Thank you Wizer for your help. However MyBook only has a ‘Shared Storage Manager’. Nowhere (book, cd,…) is an reference for your ‘network storage manager’. As marked before this hidden (?) folder can’t be seen in the ‘Shared Storage Manger’ either.

I only can view or manage ‘public’ folders. No other options are visible/possible. These folders can be managed and deleted very well.

I truly hope you (or someone else) can help me…

Dude is the same…

Shared storage manager is for the older ones… 

Regardless of the configuration for the shares (private or public) they should show ( if working ) on the storage manager

how exactly did you apply the settings for the share to be hidden? 

Thanks for the fast reply Wizer !

A first image shows the two folders in explorer. The second shows the File Sharing from the Storage Manger…

As you can see it shows also the status ‘active’.

Maybe the holy WD ghosts knows how to create something mysterious :–)

One day it was there…

Thanks agin and looking forward !

Richard WD-20120605-01.jpg

Can not see the image  yet but must likely this is the system folder and it’s that way because is not meant to be messed with.

Are you sure that folder was added by you or you just saw this folder and got curious on why you can’t access it?

I  do not recommend to play smarty pants if you don’t know SSH

Leave the folder alone and continue to use your drive

you can go to this forum for more info on SSH


Just ran into this

ID Folders on MBW

MyBook World Edition

Thank you very much Wizer for all your replies and valuable help. You’re one of a kind!

Your last issue (ID1672) clarified everything.

However, I feeling being deceived by WD as I bought and paid a Network drive with a capacity of 500Gbyte while afterwards, only 320GByte is available for the user. In fact this is a waste of 36%.

I believe it’s not a bad idea to look out for better efficiency for future projects.


That’s not my case

Please check the capacity on the storage manager

you might not see 500 but you will see 465

check this article for more info 

Drive Displays Smaller Capacity

Hi Wizer, goodmorning!

I’m in a good mood today and I give you these 25GByte.

When I check my public folder I have two folders, one of 131MByte and another with 27,5GByte of data.

All together this is 27,63Gbyte.

Let’s make a simple count: 475GB (tot. Space) - 30GB (used in Public) = 445GByte.

I rounded the  totals numbers in favourite of WD. I’m in a good mood, remember…

Storage Manager shows me 295GByte available, a difference of 150GByte which is 31,57% of its promised capacity  (not counted your present of 25GByte).

Not quite fair of Western Digital don’t you think?

Still I’m in a good mood because of your good help!


you can be sure the id folders are not taking the remaining size of the drive

As you can see the drive does display 476 GB 

you can try copying the files to another drive and doing a factory reset

this will get rid of all files, after that you can put back the folders you have

you could have a corrupted share… Is not common but it can happen 

Goodmorning Wizer,

I trust you and I believe you !

However I can’t find any option to reset this unit to the factory settings.

The My Book World Edition Configuration Maganger shows on the ‘Drive Manage’ menu only the option: Savely Remove USB Drive’, while the manual lists two other menues like: ‘Clear Drive Type’ and ‘Format New Internal Drive’.

The manual doesn’t mention something on how to reset to Factory Settings.

For being complete:  WD MyBook World Edition 500GB       WDG1NC5000E – WD5000G032

Firmware: 2.00.19

I previously deleted all shared folders, however I can’t format this thing and I can’t see the drive in the Disk Management.

Holding the ‘reset’ button’ in what way or another only resets the admin password.

I’m looking forward to read the ‘hidden’ instructions on how to format the drive and how to reset to factory settings.

Meanwhile I have all the respect for your input and help!



Is everybody in holiday?

No solution… no help anymore…

Formatting the drive will pretty much accomplish what you’re looking

all files will be erased and then you will have have access to the entire drive capacity 

Yes, completely agree with you Wizer !

I also came up to that idea before :–)

But question remains: HOW …

Please look my earlier post.

Thx, Richard