Accessing Second Drive/ Mirrored Drive to Retrieve Backed Up Data


Our lab purchased a WD4000H2Q-00 External Drive, and configured it such that it had a Mirrored Mode in which all data would be backed up. Recently, we tried to access data from a folder and found it to be empty. Plugging into various different computers did not fix the problem. This was rather alarming as we can’t have our drives unreliably and spontaneously losing data; its memory was only about 1/4 full.

How can we access the second drive/ Mirrored Mode in order to retrieve the lost data? This is highly time-sensitive, as we can’t do much without that data, so I would appreciate a response at your earliest conveneince.

Thank you.

Not possible to access second drive

on a Raid Mirror whatever you see on the drive that can be accessed is the data that will be found on the other drive

the mirror is only recovered when the drive is replaced and the RAID is rebuild

if the files is not there then is not there at all