Accessing private share from Acronis bootable recovery media

I have just purchased a 2TB ShareSpace and my immediate need is to use if to store Acronis backup images. I have set up a private share (name same as my system login)  with my usual password. I can access this from various systems on the local network when logged in as above, and also when logged in as someone else but giving my username and password. Fine so far.

If however I need to access this share from a bootable Acronis rescue media (whether to backup to it or to restore from it) the only share that appears is “configuration”.

What do I have to do to be able to access a share on the device from Acronis?

This is most frustrating as this is the reason I purchased the device.

Your suggestions greatly appreciated.


I don’t know Acronis, but: do you really only see “configuration”? What about “public”?

Plus: what protocol does Acronis use to access the network drive? I am asking because Sharespace lets you choose which protocols each share can be used with.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for replying. I will do a little more research and get back to you in a couple of days.



Hi Matt

Further to my earlier message the problem occurs when I am trying to access Acronis backup files in a private share from the bootable Acronis recovery media.

  • When I am using Acronis Backup & Restore 10 Workstation (or an earlier version) within windows I have access to all the shares on SHARESPACE - my username and password is the same for the local system and for the share - say “xyz”.

  • When I try to access SHARESPACE from the standalone Acronis system it asks me to provide username and password (which I do) but the only share that becomes availble is CONFIGURATION. (not even PUBLIC or DOWNLOAD) and certainly not the private share xyz which contains the backup sets.

It seems that the ShareSpace is looking for a username which incorporates the Windows XP system from which the share was set up but which is not available from the standalone system. Perhaps something like xyz@BREAKSEA. However I haven’t been able to jag it yet.

I have been able to access the backup sets in the share using FTP from the standalone Acronis - I must have jagged the FTP username there - but when I try and access NETWORKSTORAGE by the normal file access the shares are not available. I am flicking this one to Acronis Support as well in case they have an answer.

Any suggestions?



One thing that helped me once was to write /, e.g. SHARESPACE/xyz

Do you know which protocols are activated for the private share?