Accessing PC FIles on MyCloud From Mac

I’ve been using MyCloud as primary external storage for my small PC. Got new MacBook, and linked to MyCloud network as Registered User, but can’t find any files. Will PC-format files appear and be retrievable from Mac?

Yes you should be able to see PC (and other OS files like Linux) that are stored on the My Cloud. Mapping the Share helps.

Make sure the user (created through the My Cloud Dashboard) you are using to log into the My Cloud has the proper permissions to access Private Shares if accessing Private Shares.

On a family member’s My Cloud they have no problem accessing PC files that I’ve put there with their Mac laptop.

This is helpful, but I’m still stumped.
I am the ONLY user of the MyCloud, and am the ADMIN.

Just to try it, I created a second profile for myself.

When I click on either User (admin or my own), the SHARE ACCESS area displays the various Shares that I wan’t to ensure are Public access, but none of them ‘highlight’ or allow me the option of selection/denying access.

Clearly there is a basic setting amiss somewhere, but I can’t find it.