Accessing OLD drives after NEW Raid1 with New Drives


Hi all,

I have a 2x4TB RAID1 that is currently reaching capacity with photos.
I would like to start a brand new 2x4TB RAID1 moving forward to keep things separated and organized.

Assuming I go ahead and create a NEW RAID1 with NEW drives, what is the easiest way to access the ‘older’ files: what are my choices?

  1. Pull current/new drives out and slot one ‘older’ one in?
  2. Using a SATA-USB cable, plug ‘older drive’ into the back of the EX2?
  3. I know I can mount the drives individually in Linux (via USB-SATA), but there has to be an easier way. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks in advance everyone.


A temporary host volume (Your computer or a second external hard drive) is what I would use. The first option can lead to data loss, and the second option won’t work since the unit does not support the file system used by drives over USB.