Accessing Network Share from MyBookLive


I found several posts about accessing the MyBookLive shares from PC. But sadly nothing about the other way around.
I want to backup my MyBookLive on my PC. When scanning the Network i can see my PC but there are no Shares visible, even tough i created one (actually 3). Even when its accessible for “Everyone”.

Has anyone a solution for this? Am i doing something wrong? (maybe create a specific user/credentials that MyBookLive is using?)


Hi chuchi,

You can try to rename the share to something other than Admin and reboot the device. Once this is done, it will be possible to access all the network shares on the network drive.

Thanks for your reply, but i’m not sure if you’re really addressing my problem.

I want to access a my PC-share from MyBookLive
I dont want to access a MyBookLive-Share from PC (thats working without a problem).

Lets say I have a Share “AthShare” on My PC “Shark1”, when i want to create a Safepoint in MyBookLive, i press “Discover” and my PC “Shark1” is visible, but when i select my PC it says “No shares could be found on this device”.

But the share is set to be accessible (read and write) for “Everyone”.

What am i doing wrong? Does MBL use some specific credentials to access share from the network?

I don’t recall ever seeing a list of devices supported as the source of a Safepoint. I could be wrong, but I think Safepoint is a proprietor function of Western Digital. Are you running a WD utility on on your PC that implements Safepoint? If not, I think you may be out of luck. But if your PC can access both the local share and a share on your MyBookLive your could just do a copy. And there are a myriad of backup products that could to a backup of your local share to a NAS.