Accessing MyCloud

Hi and evening,

Sorry if this question is very basic but my knoweldge on things like networking and the like is very limited.  Anyway, I recently received a WD MyCloud 3tb has a christmas present, this has been plugged into my router within my house and I have transferred all my media into the relevant folders in the shared section of the cloud.

My question; is it possible for my father to access the media and stream it though is wdtv live player, he lives in a different house and i was unsue if he could remotely access the MyCloud and stream the contents.

Again, apologies if this is basic.  Happy Christmas to all


No, that’s not possible.

Thanks for the prompt reponse.

Is the answer also no if using a smart tv/playstation etc.  The only reason i’masking is the saleperson where by dad purchased this from said it can act as ‘your own netflix’ and media can be streamed all over the world from the mycloud

Salesman must have been referring to mobile devices…  You can connect an iPad / tablet / etc. to the Cloud and access media away from home.

But TVs?  Playstation?  No.

Technically is possible but in normal situations is very difficult to solve the needed requirements to be able to do it.

You need:

  • A FAST… I MEAN VERY FAST… Internet access UPLOAD SPEED from MyCloud location.

  • Setup a VPN server in your MyCloud location with ip range reservation for clients on same subnet. 

 i. e. lan on 192.168.1.x “normal lan” dhcp reservation from to 244 and vpn dhcp reservation from to 254 - Setup a VPN client in the wdtv player location to connect to the VPN server who has MyCloud has 

This setup will grant access to samba shares on MyCloud from WDlive player as if wdlive was on MyCloud LAN. 

A better and faster option will be an easy ftp streaming but there are different wdlive player versions and some have ftp access and others don’t (?) i. e:

The most relevant info i found about mount shares related to wdlive:

Same with NFS shares some have some don’,  this will be the faster option. 

For more info look at wdlxtv forums…

P. S. : From a phone/tablet ftp streaming works simply enabling ftp server on my cloud and using a ftp client on player device.