Accessing MyBookLiveDuo from outside LAN without WD2go


I have bought a MBLDuo last week and I’d like to access the NAS from outside the LAN without WD2go.

Since I’m staying in hotels very often, I’d like to stream movies on my IPad by using e.g the SAMBA protocol (accessible by GoodPlayer app).

I’ve managed to set up the remote access with the web UI, but when I want to log onto the NAS from outside the LAN by entering the public IP, I always get a error message “403 Forbidden: You don’t have permission to access /UI on this server.”

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help.

Simple, essential question first:

Is it possible to access the NAS via public IP (outside LAN) without WD2go?


Hi, the link below might help you.

Hi there!

Was able to solve it myself. For Samba Protocoll (used by many Apple devices for fast file transfer) just forward Ports 137-139 for your MBLD. For browser access only possibility is FTP or the WD2go webapp.



I do wonder if the version if the Samba service has any security vulnerability issues.  Sounds like a good plan but I guess my default setting is to be cautious.