Accessing MyBookLive with Android tablet

Is it true that I can only access my ext drive from my tablet by uploading files to the cloud, which I assume is a cloud on some other server? I would just like to access my files at home on my Wifi network. Being able to access my pictures from anywhere sounds cool, but how much storage do I have for free and how quickly will it upload? Also, I’m a little concerned about putting my files anywhere else on the internet, which is why I have 2 backup MyBookLive drives.

You are actually accessing your own MBL. So it all depends how much free space you have on your own device.
Speed? It will depend on how fast your home connection and cell/internet connection is when away from home.

Again, this is YOUR own cloud device located wherever you have it, usually your home.

This is not the same as icloud, dropbox, google drive, onedrive, etc.
Similar in functionality, but it is your own device hosted at your own home.

Ok. I thought it was sounding like I had to upload somewhere else. That’s ok then. I’ll get a Google account or whatever and try it. Thanks.

I may still be a little confused. WD support indicated I had to get a Dropbox, google drive, onedrive to access my drive. Is that not right?

Sorry if this info is a bit late. I have my My Book Live plugged into my router and I can access it on my Android tablet. I use an app called ES File Explorer. Select Network then Lan and it should show your My Book Live. You can then access any files as you would any other drive on your network.

Hope this is useful.