Accessing mybooklive via WD2go does not work

Hi there,

when I want to connect over the internet to mybooklive, I cannot porceed after logging in. My drive is shown, but the next pages returns a connection time-out error. It worked at home, but does not work from any device (ipad, iphone, notebook Win7x64, Win7x32, WinXP) away from home.

So, looking up again and again this post:

I get stuck after step 15.

What is wrong!? Anybody had this problem, too?

Advises are much appreciated!


Hello, for iOS and Android devices, you need to use the WD2go App to access the My Book Live. For the notebook, be sure to have the latest java version installed. Check the link below for the steps. 

How to access files on a My Book Live using WD 2go on a mobile device

Free Java Download