Accessing MyBook Live from iPhone and MacBook

can The MyBook be accessed by more than one type of device? i had everything set up fine and the MyBook Live was working perfectly, until i got myself an iphone and upgraded the firmware, now i cannot access it with my laptops… Whats the trick?

Find the UserManual from the DVD and read the relevant chapters.

I have MyBook Live, MacBooks and iPxxxxs.  It took me a few days to set them up.  Remember to set up Shares, Users and grant Shares access to users.

Accessing from WiFi is fine.  But myBook Live is router-onnected to ADSL2+ and the upload speed to Internet is limited to 1 Mbps (in theory), and practically 256 Kbps most of the time.  Completely a dream to watch movies on the move, and inconvenient to navigate photos on the street.  WD2Go does not provide thumbnail size photos for browsing.  But no more WD Photo.

that blows… i really should have stuck with a PC, things worked so much better