Accessing Multiple Shares from the Same PC


I added two shares to my DL2100A (which is standalone, not connected to a domain). I made the shares private, and create a user to authenticate against.

  • On share1, I can connect with that user/password and it works fine.
  • On share2, I can’t connect. I get a Windows error “Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource and try again.” The only way to connect to share2 is to make it a Public share.

I tried connecting the DL2100 to the domain, and using domain credentials for access. Same thing: works for share1 but not share2; share2 needs to be public in order to be accessed.

Any ideas here?

Is your DL2100 connected to your router either directly of through a network switch, or are you using your NAS as directly connected to a PC at all times?

My DL2100 is connected as user manual describes for normal use, and it is connected to my network router via a network switch. Any other use is only for a temporary connection.

You have to give an access to the both shares for the same user (NAS profile)

You have private shares: share1 and share2

Then you have to give for User A (nas profile) to access to both shares.

User A (nas profile) - share 1 and share 2
User B (nas profile) - share 2

You can’t access with two different user names (NAS profiles) under the same windows logon name.

This doesn’t work:
User A (nas profile) - share1
User B (nas profile) - share2

And then you are logged in to your windows profile and try to access to both shares from that windows profile.