Accessing Multiple Contents

Hi everyone,

In my WD TV Live Hub (1TB), I could able to choose the content source which can be either the Local Storage (1TB) and the USB Connected Hard Drive (eg. 320GB)  or Mediashared Network Drive (My Book Live 3 TB) at a time.

Is it possible to access All the contents togethers (Local Stoare + USB) and Madiashared (My Book Live).

WD TV Live Hub 1TB

My Book Live 3TB 

No its not Im afraid.

Can I have your suggestion for the below:

I’m having the below in WDTV Live

itunes music folder


but not iPhotos.

Will it be better in terms of the transfer rate if I transfer

iTunes Music folder

 iPhotos and

ofcourse my Videos to My Book Live.


I will be accessing both the iTunes Music folder & iPhoto wireless through my Macbook Pro.