Accessing media elsewhere on a network

I’m still a complete novice with this whole network thing - still learning.

Okay, I have media on a HDD attached directly to my WDTVLSMP in my lounge.  That player will soon be connected (hardwired) to my wireless router.

Other (last generation) WDTV Live players will also be connected to the wireless router - possibly wirelessly (wireless dongle), possible hard-wired.

Will these other players be able to access the HDD(s) attached to my new WDTVLSMP?  If so, will this be a pain, or will they just ‘appear’?

Many thanks.

Steve W

Yes the other player will be able to access the hdd attached to your new SMP.   There is an option for this in the setup.  

A special note regarding the power switch on the remote, since a FAQ has not been setup yet for the SMP.

Click the power button once quickly and the SMP goes into sleep mode while keeping the USB port alive and accessible.  Click and hold the power button for several seconds and the SMP shuts down completely.  

This is why some people report longer startup times when turning the SMP on.   It takes longer to boot up from a cold start than it does when the SMP is sleeping.

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Okay, thanks for that.

Now I know I’m probably going to be asking “How long is a pice of string?” but…

If I get a wireless dongle for my old WDTV Live and stick it in a bedroom 1 floor above the wireless router, will I be able to stream full 1080p Blu-ray Disc rips?  Can wireless handle that sort of data speed usually, sometimes, rarely, or never?


Steve W

Not a chance in h…

You have to go wired to do 1080P and even 720P in some cases.

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