Accessing FTP server from mybooklive

Hi there,

I would like to build a script that would copy files from an ftp server connected to my private network. Unfortunatly, I can only execute this script from the mybooklive device.

I enabled ssh, opend session with root and tried to copnnect to the other server using ftp. The other server only allows unsecured ftp (port 21)… but the ftp client installed on mybooklive is using Secure FTP…

Does someone knows if some parameters from the sftp client could open simple ftp sessions ?

Elsewhere, would you know how to install a basic ftp client on mybooklive ?

Thanks a lot for your advice.

Hi Arthur141, this type of modifications are not supported, but maybe some of the other users can share some advice. Also see if the link below helps.

There is not an easy way for it. Found this, it is old, so not sure if it still apllies.

Or try here see if you find anything.

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