Accessing FTP Externally

Good Day

I am trying to access MBL through FTP when I am away from my network. 

I have already assigned a static address to my MBL and am using dyndns.og for port forwarding services. I have also enabled Allow FTP in the Settings page.

I have another NAS which also has FTP services on the same network so the NAS already has port 21 forwarded to it. To overcome this issue, I forwarded port 2121 to the MBL instead.

When I am try to access the MBL through FTP externally, through the service, using FileZilla, this is the error message I get:

Status: Server sent passive reply with unroutable address. Using server address instead.
Command: LIST
Error: Connection timed out
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

However, when I am trying to access the MBL through FTP, using FileZilla and the internal IP address as the hostname, it works just fine.

Is there something I am missing or doing wrong?

Out of curiousity, what happens if you reverse the assignemnts?

Send 21 to the MBL and send 2121 to the other NAS.

That would not work because I can’t change the port to be used for the original NAS. 

You shouldn’t have to.

Your router should “translate” the “outside” destination port to the “inside” destination port.

So, instead of:

FTP 21 --> Router -->  FTP 21 to NAS 1

FTP 2121 --> Router --> FTP 2121 to NAS 2.

you should set your router to do this:

FTP 21 --> Router -->  FTP 21 to NAS 1

FTP 2121 --> Router --> FTP 21 to NAS 2.

You shouldn’t change the FTP port on the NAS itself.

Awesome! This worked like a charm :smiley: