Accessing from the WAN using http: port 80

As a traveling consultant I need to access my storage from the Internet and have run into a little set-up glitch. I get to the WD Adminisration login page okay but it won’t accept my usual logon. I can logon fine from my network PC on my LAN via IE but get the incorrect password error from the WAN. Anybody else having this issue?

It also puts extra dots behind my password after I click the enter key, so how do I turn that off?

Thanks for any help.

The extra dots are normal. It’s a security feature so somebody won’t know the number of characters in your password.

As far as accessing it on the WAN, it shouldn’t make a difference, but it’s possible your router or ISP is doing something to the data you’re sending because it’s on port 80. You can try changing the port (Advanced Mode / Network / Services) to something other than 80. If that doesn’t work, you can try enabling HTTPS (Advanced Mode / General), either on the standard 443 port or an alternate (like 8443).

I found that the public/private port translation in my router to the DSL modem was the issue. I had to change the public and private ports to match and then set the WD Sharespace for the same port, of course. Thanks for the suggestion that led to the resolution.