Accessing files on MyCloud is miserably slow and unreliable

I’ve had a 3TB MyCloud storage device connected to my FiOS router and at best the storage is okay as long as I rarely need to access the files for any emergency. I can usually get to the files from my home network, but even at home, the connection often drops and the throughput is spotty. I haven’t honestly lost any files so I am reassured that the files are present, but I have little confidence that I can access them in a timely manner. Remote access outside my home is even worse. I also am frustrated that there’s no practical way to go directly into the drive and can only access this via the router.

Lastly, I have tried to attach this to another TP-Link router, where I have all my other services, and it will not work. I can’t avoid using the FiOS router as that’s Verizon’s lock on this customer. :frowning:

After more than one year of tweaking I have to say that it works flawlessly. My setup is
-Mycloud 4TB
-Cisco router that I got from cable company
-Fujitsu Laptop (win7) wifi
-Lenovo p50 laptop (win10) wired
-Squeezebox duo wifi
-Squeezebox touch wired
-Samsung h65000 tv
All the ip addresses are static, dhcp is enabled in router.
The main point in my opinion is to read twonky faq on this forum. I have large collection of music and photos on My cloud but I am not accessing them with twonky. I do not think that twonky likes large collection of files. In fact I am using twonky just for playing video wirelessly to tv. I have installed squeezebox server on Mycloud, and I play music on squeezeboxes. The firmware n Mycloud is 3. something.
Transfer of large files is truly round 100 MB (megabytes). But it took me some time to organize everything. My suggestion is to read this forum. But this gadget is definitely fast, considering its price, technology of obsolete hdd’s etc…

will look into that Stefan … thanks!

The unofficial Twonky FAQ for the My Cloud:

I’m a geek and part of me loves this stuff… oh boy another technology, platform, protocol, code base, language or whatever to find out about and play with. OTOH, I’m also busy (with other technology and platforms and protocols and stuff) so I’m gonna have to table this as something else to look into when I get some free time. I hope it’ll make life easier but that remains to be seen. thanks for the feedback…Twonky ahead!!