Accessing files from WAN


Is there any way to view the files/folders besides the proprietary application (e.g. explorer.exe, just like what dropbox does) while connecting to the cloud via WAN?

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What about using the WD Desktop App ?

This is what I called proprietary app. 

It doesn’t let me to view the files with explorer. (In a way that other applications could access the files “directly” and I wouldn’t have to download them first and then pass them to the other app)

On your local network, you can mapped the NAS shares to local drives.

On any network, you can use to see the shares, then connect to them as mapped drives.

wd2go looks like the right choice for WAN, But it works as slowly as **bleep** (seriously, 5 minutes to upload 1.5mb of jpeg)… Is there any way to make it work faster? port forwarding maybe?

Port forwarding will be faster than the relay through the WD servers, but most of the performance is determined (a) by your mobile internet access (from your mobile computer to the Internet) (b) by your upload speed (from your home router to the Internet) and © by your connection between your NAS to your router.