Accessing EX2 during prolonged power outage

My office is expected to be without power until tomorrow, and I’m trying to access a file today.

I have a portable battery that I can use to power up the device. I tried connecting directly via USB with my laptop but I couldn’t get my laptop to recognize the drive.

My next attempt would be to power up the drive and the networking equipment, but I’m not sure if my battery has enough juice for all that.

How do I connect to my EX2 directly without a network?

Short answer: You don’t.

Longer answer: The USB is ONLY for hooking up an external HDD. To communicate with a WD NAS; you MUST have a network connection.

If you can’t power up your router; hopefully your PC has a wired network jack; if you do. . .you basically have to run a DHCP server (google can help here- it shouldn’t be hard); and plug the network cable from the NAS to the PC.

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Doh! Thanks for the short and long answers. I guess that would be a security issue if anyone could just connect a USB cable.

Normally I save my working files on my local computer. So I tried to be smart by saving them in the network drive this time. And this time it bit me in the ass.

Thank again.