Accessing DVDs that are backed up on new Passport

I just bought a WD Passport external HD to save copies of my DVDs on, with the thought that I could access them from the HD when I wanted to watch them.  Am I missing something?  I can’t seem to access the files onces they are backed up. I feel I must have missed a step.  Will I have to copy the movie back to my laptop in order to watch it?  This wasn’t my intent.  I bought this for the express purpose of “storing” all by DVD movies.

Thanks for your help!

How did you back them up as a video file or with backup software?


I backed up using the software. I figured it out – I found the file w the DVDs in it.
Now I am just copying the remainder if the movies to my passport to that same location directly. Just took a little while to find it!

I have the same question. I thought I could access video and music from the Passport without loading it back into my computer. How did you figure it out?


There is a folder on your passport (access it directly on your computer, not through the quick access) called wdsmartware.swstor.  All the dvds I copied are stored there.  You have to keep clicking thought b/c they are stored pretty deep (at least in my computer).  But once you find them, the dvd copy software remembers that location and copies them there.  I have tested several of the ones I copied and they play fine from the passport.