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OK, had my Cloud running for couple of months now - copied relatively large database of photos to it and everything works great - can even acces photos from my smartphone - So, decided to take next step and start using it for my financial info and eliminate everything from my tablet that I carry around with me  - Setup new Directory / Duplicated settings I used for the Directories I setup for photos - gave access to my user name, etc - everything identical - So, I can access the directories and I can see the docs / workbooks listed - but when I try to open a file the system comes back and ask me for credentials - I tried using the id/pw I use to access the cloud itself but no luck - I have never setup pw for any of the documents I am trying to open - and oddly I had some pdf’s in the directories I copied over and they open fine - so, clearly it is isolated to the excel and word files - I really have no idea how these files got protected - is this something MS did automatically - I mean they are not protected on my local drive - and I went to my local drive and opened a couple just to verify I didn’t accidently execute something or whatever - something is keeping me from opening these specific file types on the cloud - any ideas is appreciated - again, I tried using the id/pw I use to access the cloud itself - thanks -

The only thing that I can think of is that MS creates and uses a temporary file prefixed with “~”. I believe it is attempting to do so with the way you have yourself mapped to the cloud, thus prompting you for a password to create and write on cloud drive.

Check into your preferences on MS which perhaps set the creation of temporary files to your local drive instead of the Cloud.

Thanks but I do not know where to look to ck my MS settings for this type of thing - The files are all the same size and exacty name as they are on my local drive that I copied them from - and I caneven delete them from the cloud - so, I can copy them over and delete them from the cloud - I just cannot open them without a user name and pw - and I have absolutely no idea where this id/pw came from or how it was created -

apparently it is another level of security from MS that isn’t supported by WD2go however…

check here

Asks for username & password when accessing files remotely - Windows 8

and solution here

WD2go (webDAV) and MS Office 2013

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OK, first, thanks for the tips - Second, what an ordeal, and for no reason -

I was not certain about how to eliminate the “second level secutity” Microsoft has decided to impose upon us - So, I opted for the “Download Libre” option - and after updating some of my worksheets that have been around for a while from compatibility mode from the old Office 2003 to the 2010 version, opening the files with Libre seems to work - unfortunately, I am still trying t figure out exactly which “save as” option will make my Word Docs iinto something that can be opened by Libre - tried a couple but when they open it is all gibbersh - I will continue to work on this -

And really and truly it would be nice if WD would simply write a patch or something - Like one of the posters said, it is ridiculous for WD to just blame MS instead of fixing the issue - even if it is a MS issue, if WD and fix it, thereby making thier product more desirable they should do it -

No matter, thanks for the help -

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Is it asking for a network user name and password? See image below.

If you are seeing the same image as above then enter your network user name and password. That should work.

No, a “Windows Security” dialog box appears asking for my “credentials” with a place for “user name” and “password” -  I just can’t seem to find a doc ext that will open in Libre now - the excel files I have taken care of -