Accessing data from a deleted user


I have have deleted a User within my MyBookLive, believing that the admin account still had access to all the shares that were assigned to that User, as shown here:

However, now when I try to access that data within Finder, connected as admin, although I can see all the files there, each one has a “no entry” sign next to it and I get an error message saying I do not have the permission to access the files.

If I click one of these files and get info on it the only name who has permission to access these files is “daapd”. Is this a built in user within the WD system, I do not know what or who this is.

Image of error message and permissions:

If anyone could help me get access to these files I would be most grateful, there are number of photos and videos there which I would like to access from my old computer.

Thanks for your help!

Try a few things:

  • Convert the share to public and see if you have access


  • Remove and re-add admin user permissions to the share
  • Create a new temp user and provide access to the share.

If none of the above work, next step would be to enable SSH and login to the CLI and check permissions there. FYI…This is a Linux server, so some knowledge required…


Thanks for your help, I’ve tried the things you suggested, but no joy. I have used Teminal and done a bit with it in the past. Would you be able to give instructions of what to do/type to check permissions please?


Sorry, I know enough of that part to be dangerous and do not know it from memory.

There are however, plenty of docs out there in the internet showing how permissions work on Linux and how to change/list/check them.