Accessing a live-stream via DLNA is starting after a huge delay

Trying to access a relayed TV-feed from a DVB-compatible DLNA-server (like DVBViewer Recording Service or DVBLogic DVBLink) results in a huge delay (30 seconds to a minute!) between starting the stream and showing it on the TV-screen.

Other DLNA-clients are starting the playback after a few seconds.

Playback of actual files via DLNA is working fine, with a playback-delay of 5 to 10 seconds.

Anybody else with that problem?

Further info:

Haven’t try this

are you only having the lag at start up or while playing as well?

Only starting a live-stream takes that long. The video-playback itself is working fine.

In the thread I’ve linked to one of the developers of DVBViewer Recording Service now had the chance to test it himself with a SMP, and [came to the conclusion]( view findpost p 366477) that the problem definitely is the DLNA-client of the SMP.

It’s the same delay - can be up to 2 mins.!!! - playing a live stream from Serviio dnla server.

I have another media player which loads the same streams in half the time. 

Glad this is being brought up by more people.  I’ve suffered through the pitiable delay since getting the wdtv smp, it really ought to be fixed asap!

Please vote the issue up :slight_smile: