Good day all,

I have tried to find the solution here, but I can not seem to find it. I am a new user and have 2 questions.

Yesterday I received the EX2 Ultra and am very happy with it. I am not a novice user, just looking for some save way to store my document en photo’s with the Cloud functionality.

  1. I have set up different shares and, besides my self, one extra user account. I have a map set on private, but when I want to access it via the laptop, I need to put in details. I have tried the different combinations that I used during setup, but none seems to work. Can anyone help me out?

  2. I can access the dashboard via laptop and ipad by using the http://[name], but, for some reason I will not let me access the dashboard via iPhone. Can anyone help me out?

All the help is much appreciated!

Hi @swvant,

Please refer to the article How to Add Users, Family, and Friends to a My Cloud: