AccessBook https video not working

I have installed AccesBook from Feature Pack onto my 3TB MBL. Everything works fine except https video streaming. When I am at the home network and access video files using http://<IP_MBL>:8880, the video works fine on the browser. However, when I used https://<IP_MBL>, I can see many packets sent from the MBL to the PC browser but the browser does not show the video. 

Any suggestion please?

OK, I spent some more time to investigate the problem and I think it is about HTTP vs HTTPS. One home network using http://<IP_MBL>:8880, the video is streamed to the browser. Using https://<IP_MBL>, the whole video needs to be downloaded before it can be played. The video files are mpeg.

My question is that is anyone using AccessBook through https vidoe access can stream video without downloading the whole video and play?