Access WD TV attached storage from computer?

I’m looking at picking up either the WD TV Live or the Hub, or possibly the Seagate GoFlex TV  sometime in the near future. One feature that I feel is absolutely paramount is the ability for me to copy files to the hard drive either built in or directly attached via usb from my computer. I’m sick of moving my external HDD back and forth to use with my PS3, and media servers and/or playing files off a NAS or shared hdd from my computer aren’t options I’m interested.

So in short, can I access the storage attached to either of these devices from my computer to copy files over?

Thanks in advance.

I just purchased the WD TV Live Plus HD, and using the WD Discovery Software it adds the external drive on the Live Plus as a network drive you can access from your desktop.  Of course with the Live Plus you can also simply play the files straight off your computer as long as it’s on the same network.

Thanks for your reply,

I’d much rather have the external hdd plugged directly into the unit however, as streaming 1080p is such a hassle.

I think I’ve ruled out getting the Hub for now, as I can get a 2tb external desktop drive to go with the Live for around $100, and it’ll pretty much be the same thing but double the storage.

Anyone know if the Seagate GoFlex can also do this?

I also have the WD TV LIVE PLUS HD.

I want to purchase either a Seagate GoFlex HDD and/or the Seagate Dockstar and 320GB GoFlex.

Will this work?  I would like to buy a NAS but don’t want to spend a lot of $$$

Any feedback on best solution?

Thank you.