Access wd drive folders

Hello Gurus,

My laptop crashed and I had to recover windows. I then had to reinstall all my apps. Now, when I try to access my wd mycloud I don’t see the photos in the original folders. I see all the photos there but they are all in the same folder in Computer\WDMyCloud\Photos\All Photos. 

Computer\WDMyCloud\Photos\By Folder\Shared Videos Photos\By folder somehow takes me to Shared videos. How can I find my original folders?

Thank you very much,

You are looking at the WDMycloud icon in the MyPC, which is the DLNA client. Open the network windows explorer to see the NAS on your network. Then browse to the share and folder for your pictures.

Hello Etupes,

Thank you very much for your help. When I look into the network view  I see the drive under


Network/Media Devices

and Network/Storage

When I try to access them I only see the videos. Also when I access it under Media devices I only see some videos.

The only place where I can see all the files is when I go Computer/WDMycloud like I was explaining before.

Thanks again,