Access USB drive connected to My Book World (White Light) with Windows 10

I have a My Book World White Light 2TB version with an external USB drive attached to the USB port. Under Win 7 I was able to connect to the USB share via UNC (e.g., \MYBOOKWORLD\usb1-1share1\Public) and use SyncBack Pro to run nightly back ups of shares to the USB drive. Of necessity the USB share permissions on the MBW were all set correctly.

Having upgraded recently to Windows 10 I cannot access the usb share via UNC or see it at all on Windows 10 File Explorer. I am able to access the primary shares on the MBW (e.g., \MYBOOKWORLD\Public, etc.) just fine.

Any ideas on how to access (R/W) the USB drive connected to the MBW using Windows 10?

This MBW is a legacy product for me and I have been using it as a redundant back up for my NetGear NAS. The USB was a final fall back - files deleted from the NAS get copied to the USB drive (via the MBW) where they remain for 6 months before being trashed. All the copying/deleting is managed using SyncBack. If I can just access the USB via Win10 I can restore this functionality.

Hi, have you tried accessing the drive over the IP? If you go to “\drivename” Are you able to see the USB share? Does the USB drive show connected on the UI?

In IE, “\mybookworld” results in an instance of File Explorer opening. Can see all the shares on the My Book but not the USB drive. The USB drive used to show up (under Win7) as an additional share. Have tried WD Discovery as well - same.