Access to Win 7 Media Server Stopped Working

So I upgraded to the new 2.05.08 firmware Tuesday night and all was well until yesterday (so it probably isn’t the new firmware).  I have media files on a Win7 box (mostly music) and have had no trouble accessing it using the “Media Server” source option.

Now when I press the red remote button and select “Media Server”, I can see the listing for the computer (e.g “BOX1::USERNAME”).  If I select it and press OK on the green checkmark, I get the orange spinning arrow for a  minute follwed by “The last content source has been removed. Please select a new content source.”

This is true whether I select  Videos, Pictures or Music.

I turned on the Media Server on a separate PC, BOX2, which only has a few random files on it.  The hub accesses BOX2 normally.  In addition, BOX2 can access the Media Server for DOWNSTAIRSBOX without any issues.

This makes me think the problem is with this specific PC.

Any thoughts?

A reboot of the Hub and PC did not seem to fix it. However, when I disabled the service on the PC, turned off the hub and then turned everything back on  it started working again.  It was almost as if the hub had ‘bad’ cached information about the Media Server.

Here were the steps I used to resolve:

Using an Admin account on the Win 7 machine, select start, type “services.msc” in the Search text box.

Scroll down to “Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service”.

Right click and select “Stop”.

Power down Hub by pressing front power button for 10 seconds.

Wait 10 seconds.

Press power button on Hub to restart.

Wait for it to fully boot.

Go to Music, select Media Server from the source menu.

(Now BOX1:USERNAME does NOT appear in the list, since the server is stopped.)

On the PC, right click the service agin and select “Start”.

After a few seconds to a minute, the server will appear in the source Media Server menu.

I selected it an all was well again.