Access to the Public Drives Remotely on another laptop


I have granted acccess for a friend to enable them to access files in the public folder. They can access and see the files via the iphone app, however, is it possible to enable them direct access to the drive from their laptop so they can remotely access and take files off the Drive?

Is this possible?


They can log in via the internet at if you set them up with web access.  Go to your mybooklive user interface.  Go to settings/remote access.  Scroll down to web access and register them there. 

Note, if your WAN upload speed is not good and their laptops are weak, they’ll have a hard time seeing photo/video thumbnail previews on their laptops but can see filesnames.

Another way is they can email themselves the files they pick using their phone and the wdcloud app.  The emailed zip file downloads take forever sometimes though (at least for me).

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