Access to Smartware folder via android


Apologies if this is on the forum already but I have searched and not found anything.

I have a my book live and I want to access the files via my tablet or phone,(both Android)

The MBL is set up on a windows PC.

I can access all the folders apart from the smartware folder.

It does not show on the list of folders in the my cloud app…it does show the other folders including the timemachine folders but the only folder I want is not there.

Is this a default that you can’t access this foler in the app?

Do I have to copy all my docs and put them in a different share folder?

Thanks for your help in advance. 


Welcome to the WD Community.

Make sure that the share folder for the WD Smartware is allowing you access to it. 

Through the UI, confirm if the share is public or private. Also that the media serving is enable.

I had the same problem. I used to get access to my Smartware folder on both Android and iOS. Now I only get it on iOS. When I inquired to tech support about this, this is the response I got:


After performing a
further research into the situation we would inform you that after the latest
firmware update to the My Cloud OS 3, the WD SmartWare folder would not be
available for mobile devices including (Apple and Android), if the WD SmartWare
folder is showing in the Apple devices is not working as design and
unfortunately it may not be available after a software update. We truly
apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you."

This means that WD took it upon themselves to do a firmware upgrade which disables a feature that I absolutely need and it looks like they will do it again to remove access from iOS. Why in the world would WD do such a thing???

Guess I’ll have to look for other options to get access to my own backups!!! :rage:

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I also noticed this behaviour. Since the latest update, I am not able to access the ‘smartware’ folder (where all my files are!). The WD-support told be that this behaviour was changed with the new release - on the web-portal and on Android devices. I do not really understand how to change a released feature that way and not make it customizable in the settings. Furthermore this is a normal Folder which has user-Access rights that could be set. I do not want to copy all the data also in a seperate folder beside the backup Folder - this uses much space and time!

@WD: Please consider this behaviour and a possible software setting therefore.