Access to Public Folder With Windows 10 Pro 2004

Since upgrading to Win 10 Pro 2004 I have lost access to the Public Folder on MyCloud Home


The error messages are >


I have tried every solution provided on the WD support page

WD Support / anyone …. please advise how to resolve

thanks and regards


You could refer to the following link:

Thanks, Yes, that provides very similar info to the link i posted and all that has been checked, as it was previously , when on Win 1909, where everything worked perfectly.

It only stopped working after Win 10Pro 2004 update. I do not use, and never have used, a MS account login. I always use an offline account to log into windows.

Please confirm that WD have checked internally that access to the public drive is still possible with Win 10 Pro 2004 without any additional changes , or advise any additional steps that need to be made to resolve this issue.


Hello, anybody there from WD to answer my query ?

I have exactly the same problem.
I tried changing the network to private, enabling SMB 1.0, firmware update and rebooting but nothing worked.