Access to private shares


is it possible to get access to private passworded shares from my wdtv live?

i thought a username/password box would come up when trying to access such a folder via nfs

however a box comes up saying i dont have access to the folder/share, i can see the folder.

what should happen?

can i access private shares?


The NFS protocol doesn’t use User IDs and passwords, so the WDTV isn’t going to ask for them.

There really is no such thing as a “Private Share” with NFS protocol.


So were not able to access mbl private shares with username/password verification on the wdtv?

hmm, currently all my media is shared across my network on a public share, my neighbour also has access to my network, i dont want any one deleting any of my media, i do want to share the media with my network, however i dont want to allow access to delete media, do you know of a way i can solve this?

Not with NFS, no…



ill start looking for other methods of securing my media data.

need to find away to stop my kids from accessing films they cant watch

and only be able to watch movies in there own folder/share ect


Why not just use regular Windows shares?


How do I do that and retain function of streaming from my mbl?

I dont understand your question.  The MBL primary function is to serve Windows shares.


Hmm, i looked through my wdtv settings where i choose where my media is stored, i seem to only to be able to access my mbl through linux shares,  nfs, if im understanding you correctly there are other ways, including windows shares which i assume would ask for a username/password when i try to access them from my wdtv?

if this is correct how can i do this, so that i can set up private shares on my mbl and have the wdtv log into those private shares using a username/password.

i hope that was more understandable :slight_smile:


Darn it, i just checked again, this time in windows shares i can indeed access private shares from my mbl,

weird how i had nothing in there previously except one of my pc’s, now it shows all pc’s, laptops and both my mbl’s

thats vvery strange.

Suffice to say upon entering windows shares i am now able to set a username and password to access different users shares, my device is now secure as i can allow other users only read access to my media shares.

yay! thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

cool beans!