Access to private shares via Windows

When I create a User with an assigned Private Share, its successfully displayed in the Windows-Explorer (Network Overview).  When I try to open such a private share, I get - as expected - asked for user name and password.

However, when I type in  the given Name and Password, I specified before, it will not open, but saying, that I would not have any permission to enter, because the I might not have the network permission for the folder.

But after all I seem to have the network permission, since I can access the public shares. I thought, its because of the specified owner right, which says “everybody” by the public shares, but not at the private shares - what actually makes sense, however the owner is then “the network”, but not the current logged in Windows-user.

It wont let me alter them to the specified user on windows even I am logged in as adman .

Do I have a misunderstanding of the concept or is there a way  to give the access permission of a private share to the user currently logged in at windows?

i think this may answer your question. i have a windows account setup Ex. jdz2k w/ password jdz2k. via my book web interface, i created a user jdz2k(admin or not admin shouldnt matter) w/ password jdz2k and gave him a private folder. through the wd discovery software i went to map a drive to my computer and mapped public and private shares w/ a letter. these folders automatically are there everytime i login to windows and i dont have to do anything. if/when i get ready to use them…i use them!!  let me know if that helps.

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Thank You!  I tried it this way, and  It’s running fine now! :smiley: