Access to private files

I can’t access my private files on my wd cloud storage - can anyone please help ???

More information is needed. Cannot access them using what program or software? Are you trying to access them remotely or on the local network? What specific error message if any do you receive? Are you trying to access a Share configured for Private in the Dashboard?

Thank you for getting back.

I don’t know much about computers.

I tried accessing my folders using my mobile app and my home computer, unfortunately I can only see a folder that says public. I used to have one labelled ’ sultana’ with all my photos. This is not there

My mobile app displays the message ‘invalid operation…’
On my laptop I have window 10

When you look at the Dashboard does it still show that share? Have you tried rebooting your My Cloud?

yes it shows share to 3.
I’m not sure how to reboot My Clould, however i did delete and reinstall the app on my phone.

Looking at shares in the Dashboard is the one you are talking about still there? See example image below.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

To reboot your My Cloud go to the Settings tab>Utilities>Device Maintenance>Reboot.