Access to PR4100 server from local network using HTTPs not supported without certificate errors and warnings?

Sorry if this is a very obvious question for a PRO product but I could not find a specific answer for the PR4100 and it is not described in the documentation either.

I have set up the PR4100 and it is working fine in general.

I use it exclusively to access files from our local area network. Remote access is disabled.

I have noticed that, when I navigate with any internet browser (Crome, IE, IE desktop), I get a certificate


I can continue by clicking the link “Continue to web paga (not recommended)” and everything works fine.

The certificate is issued for a site with this name:

I guess that the certificate is issued only for the purpose of remote external access, which I am not using. I also guess that https is not expected to be a requirement for LAN internal use, right?

Is there anything thatn can be done? I realise that there is no security risk but it would nice if the internal users of the LAN did not get these errors.Is it possible to request from WD a certificate with my current host name?




Still no solution?? Wow. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: