Access to NAS suddenly not allowed

I have a WDTV LIVE SMP, and most of my media is contained on 3 WD My Book Live 3tb NAS drives.

The third one (MBL3) contains about 25 films (which are on the media library) and all my other non-film media - music, pictures, TV programmes - (not on the media library).

Yesterday evening I turned the player on and my media library was 25 films light (it showed a total of 819 films instead of 844).

Knowing I had 25 films on MBL3 I took a quick look at the films in the library, and sure enough it appeared to be those 25 which were missing.

I went into the media library settings for network shares, and the film folder in MBL3 had disappeared.  When I tried to add it, it wouldn’t have it.

Back to video, and this time I selected ‘Network Shares’ instead of ‘Media Library’.  When I got to MBL3 it brought up the username/password page, and the username and password are already there.  When I clicked to advance it said I had the password wrong.

I haven’t much of an idea what the password is, as I set it up when I bought the MBL, set it to ‘remember me’ and haven’t had to use it since.

Any ideas?

Steve W

Got home an hour ago and it’d fixed itself.

Steve W