Access to Mycloud remotely with filebrowser

Using filebrowser, I’ve no problem browsing my files on wd mycloud when my iPhone is connected to my home network. But when i use cellular data, filebrowser fails to connect. How to fix this?
Edit: i’ve no problem using mycloud’s official app


Can you please provide more detailed information about your case?

When you are on WiFi are you using the WD My Cloud app to browse the files?

Please note that to access the unit remotely, is recommended to use the My cloud app.

I use FIleBrowser app, too, and I really think your question needs to be handled by the FIle Browser app maker, not at a WD forum.

I will give you some help to contact them.
The company that makes the app is here:

Go to the main support page for the FIleBrowser app here:

Read Bullet Point 3 on the page Connect Remotely – there is a GUIDE to download there.

I have not set up the remote function – I can use WD My Cloud app to access my My Cloud remotely, either using on data plan as well as Wi-Fi.

Good luck.

the point is, I just don’t want to use the mycloud app. I would like to use another app (like infuse for the videos)

Your delayed reply is confusing. Your question to forum is a question best asked to the FIleBrowser folks, not anyone here. Your question was:

“But when i use cellular data, filebrowser fails to connect. How to fix this?
Edit: i’ve no problem using mycloud’s official app”

I sent you info about how to contact the Maker of FileBrowser. It can be used online, but I have never done it. There is info at the site telling you how.

Now, out of the blue you mention Infuse! I’m not sure that can be used via cellular . Contact Infuse and FIle Browser people and ask how you can use their apps over cellular data.

BTW, the My Cloud app is an excellent app for playing HD high-bitrate videos as far as quality goes. File Brower and Infuse are no better.

I use FileBrowser too and have the same problem. When I read your answer (thanks a lot for that), I checked the FileBrowser support sites and made sure everything I found there was set on my MyCloud EX2 Ultra as in their recommendations. With no success.
I didn‘t do what you suggested yet, meaning I didn‘t call their support yet. Because before I do that, I wanted to ask you the following:
It seems to me, that the problem lies in the URL that you need to enter in FileBrowser, which it uses to connect to the drive. The URL entered automatically by FileBrowser when scanning the network is quite ok when working within the WLAN, but it certainly isn’t a URL that can be used from anywhere outside. Now based on my setup (the WD is linked to a FritzBox router), there must be some URL that WD MyCloud uses, since the FritzBox doesn’t have a fixed IP address. And I think that if I knew this URL and entered it into FileBrowser, things would work as hoped for.
Question to you: do you know how/where I can find that URL?

Thanks a lot for any further help you can give.


WOW, two years later I get a question about my post.

Well, it appears you can access your NAS fine locally. To access it remotely FileBrowser must be setup per the guide posted at the FB site. I still have never messed with doing that since I did so years ago. It is just not a priority of mine.
WHen I connect to my NAS via FB in my iPad the screen shows the IP address of my MAS it connects to, but not a URL.

You really need to contact the FB maker for more info.

Hello and thanks again.
Yeah, that‘s the internet for you. Nothing gets lost and years after you did something, someone stumbles over it. :wink:
I thought it was worth a trie to ask you before I contact FB. But I‘ll get in touch with them.
But if you say that your IP address is entered in the FB app, that might be the answer to my question. of my router.
Anyway, that‘s not for this forum.



OK, so if you figure out how to get FB to remotely connect to your MC, please pass on the info in this message thread. I’d like to be able to do it, but tired of figuring out everything. I would prefer someone else do it this time! There is a guide at the support site.