Access to cloud: Disabled

Device: MyCloud EX2 Ultra

At some point, probably after upgrading to OS5, I lost access to the cloud.

When I try to login or register, I get an error related to the internet connection

I’ll try to give more screenshots in replies


When i go to Network settings, i see this:

Time settings is correct:

When i try to check updates, i get the error:

But i have more than 1 TB free space:

I’m already download and manually installed latest OS version.
I’m already reset settings for device.

In app store, i see applications (maybe it can represent, that i have or didn’t have internet connection)

How can i fix it?

I found information, that it’s can be something with Volume, there is problem, yes?

Hi @volrest,

This issue can be caused :

  • Incorrect firmware being used for the device model
  • Incompatible OS3 firmware being used
  • Internal hard drive failure or drive sector errors
  • Drive #1 in JBOD mode missing or failed
  • Drive #1 is 100% filled to capacity
  • Volume_1 is not located on /dev/HD/hda_2
  • Volume_1 is not mounted, missing or not present
  • Network or Connectivity Issue

For more information, please refer to this link: My Cloud OS 5: My Cloud OS 5: Firmware Update Failed Message:

Please refer following article of My Cloud OS 5: Error Codes and Messages:

Hi, @Keerti_01,

Looking at my last screenshot, we can conclude that the problem is that I only have Volume_2, without Volume_1. How do I fix this situation? (I have only one drive, and before updating to OS5 it’s working)


I appreciate that you have performed the troubleshooting steps.

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi, @Keerti_01!

Sorry, but your support replies look like a joke or random messages.

Reference #: 220327-000104

Where should I go? What’s going on? I’m reporting a problem with cloud access not working, and I’m being asked to buy a new drive to create a raid array? That’s not funny.
This is what I got in two weeks of correspondence with support!

When you updated your MyCloud, did you set up a new MyCloud account (the old OS3 account won’t work)? Which reset did you do (10 second? 40 second?). What model MyCloud do you have?

I created a new account on
There I see the following message:

After that, I go to the web panel at 192.168...*, and I see that Cloud Access is disabled

I go to Cloud Access, select the Admin user and see that Connection Status is Disabled.

I click on Sign In, enter the data from the new account and see a few seconds of the download process

After exactly 10 seconds, I get an error code 400

It’s also worth noting that when I go to Settings > Firmware Update and click Check for Updates, I get another error related to the capacity of the drive. However, if you look at the first screenshot, you can see that I have more than 1 TB free.

Based on what I’ve read, I can assume that the problem may be related to the fact that under Storage > RAID > RAID Volume, my single drive shows up as Volume_2 instead of Volume_1 and the same updates try to get space availability data on Volume_1, then see that Volume_1 does not exist and say that there is not enough space. This is just a guess.

Sounds like you may need to copy all of your data onto another drive, re-setup your Mycloud, and then transfer the data files back to it. I’m assuming you have a single bay MyCloud, so I wouldn’t mess with multiple volume setups.

I went back to Configure RAID Mode and reconfigured JBOD. It worked, the drive became volume 1, but too bad there was no way to do it without manipulating the files.

After configuring the JBOD, I was able to install the update and open the cloud access. The login form was completely different, but I didn’t take screenshots.

very disappointed about that. face on same issue.