Access to Browser


with my WDTV how can I access to Internet Browser such as IE or Google Chrome.

In all features it’s not an access to a browser.


There is a hidden browser on the player if that’s what you are after.

Go to Settings >  About, then press the search button on the remote.

Use USB keyboard / mouse

Thank you !!!

works like a charm

links in web page are not working

linuxnas wrote:

links in web page are not working

They work fine for me…

I was trying to access some media via web broswer. because most of onine media I am interested in are not accessable via WDTV services clients. and WDTV stupidly refuses to add a web borwser. I feel it’s a bit cheat as WDTV claims with WDTV live, you can watch internet TV, this is true!! hope WD guys are linstening!!

Did the specifications or documentation say you could do that?

lack of actione after I clicked the link

@linuxnas, I have to agree with Tony on this one. WD doesn’t really claim that you can watch Internet TV on the Live. 

The website claims “Stream the latest movies, trending videos, hit shows and your favorite music.” and then has the logos for Netfix, HuluPlus, Spotify and YouTube. That’s your access to internet entertainment (plus a few other options in the apps category)".

Though I use these apps pretty happily, I don’t really consider them Internet TV. and don’t see WD claiming to be that type of solution. That is more in the Roku camp (which I also own and like). WD boxes excel at playing local media, and have some apps that access very specific sites like Netflix/HULU and the others listed above. Its not built to pick up web streams without a third party server like PlayOn or Plex.