Access to back up data from multiple computers


I’ve got 2T MBL set up on my desk top and managed to get a backup with Smartware. I’m now setting up my daughters laptop and also got a backup done. The thing is I can see al the files from both machines and I’d like to keep my work related file private. The Share I’ve used for the backup needs to be a public share to get the backup to work.

Any idea how I can make a backup that is private to each machine?


I believe that with the last version for the WD Smartware you will be able to backup your files to an specific folder, meaning that you can create a new folder on the drive and backup your files to that folder.

Create a individual “Share”  for you and your daighter under the data volume of the network drive… and use the folder meant for your daughter as destination while you create the backup plan in the ANYWHERE BACKUP software installed in your Daughter’s PC.

Since the plan created in your daughters PC is only meant for her, it will not reveal your plan/destination folder.

For added security…you can creat user name for you and your daughter then allow your daughter to access the sghare meant for her and keep all folders accessible for admin.

Dont use “Public” folder for private backups…

there is some confusion here.

SmartWare does not back up to a share that you see listed under your computer folders, etc.  SmartWare backs up to a hidden folder on the MBL.  You can still get to that if you know and enter manually the name of the network path, but it’s not sitting out there like the pictures or movies or other public shares.

SmartWare manages backups based on computer name (all computers on the same workgroup as MBL).  When you open smartware you’ll see your options for backing up, and progress bars for the backup status.  You don’t see the backup files of all the computers. 

Can you clarify on exactly what you did? 

Ok sorted, I had a the backup going to a public share that was visible to all users. I’ve now created a private share for each of us and changed the backup location. The share is visible but to all but needs ‘user + password’ to access

BTW by default the backup was going to a public share called SmartWare (not hidden)

Thanks all