Access to all my music -can you help me find a good app for PC and Phone

All my music is now on its slow way to being on my cloud.  So far I have been disappointed by my attempts to access the music effectively once it is on there.

The following problems:

  1. music in the wrong order (alphabetical rather than track order) when viewed in Media Monkey on my android phone -my old favorite.

  2. no search option to help me find the way through my huge collection

So far the only app that doesn’t suffer from the problems above is Bubble pinup however it is

  1. slow when searching the music files.  Collection is too large to browse effectively without a decent search function.

It took me two day to find Bubble.  

Q:Does anyone out there have any other options. Fore example, if I were to invest in a high spec renderer such as sons etc, would I have the same issues as above (1, 2 and 3)?

Q:Additionally.  Once my music is on the cloud what is the best way to edit tags etc; or should I do this locally?

MY HARD/SOFTWARE: WD MyCloud 3TB; PC TOSHIBA laptop Windows XP, Android Samsung galaxy mini III, Panasonic Viera, Nexus 7 tablet

I’m confused about your post. You mean you have your music on the NAS called MyCloud, or do you mean the actual internet cloud?