Access to a special folder from anywhere

Hello Community,

im a new EX4 User and have a lil problem. In our firm we use only Macs with the actual ios release.
Our problem is that we want to access a special folder (eg. User/SeratoBackup) on the Cloud to make a backup from outside the office. My Question is now, can we set this special folder on finder so we can use our sync program to access the folder with the data to sync it with the cloud folder?

sry for my english and i hope you understand my question.


You could create a user and provide them access to just that share so when they map it with finder on the network or access it outside the network with mycloud desktop app they will just see that share along with the public one as well. 

thank you for the answer :slight_smile: yeah thats how i make it at the moment… but it wont work outside of the local network with my sync program that way. is it possible to get the maped finder folder outside so i dont have to use the mycloud desktop app (like the dropbox finder folder)?

thx again

Yes.  There ARE ways to access and map as a regular drive or folder on your computer from outside.

You would need to setup a connection or “tunnel” into your network from outside withOUT using WD’s service.

Option 1 - use your business VPN server such as CISCO vpn or Palo Alto vpn.

Option 2 - Use cloud based services such as “Hamachi”

Option 3 - [for home user only and a bit complicated] use windows 7 ultimate desktop or router as a VPN server.

Once you get any of these options completed
you just simply have each mac user map the network share by going to

[mac & linux]


Detailed How to:

option 1 - if you have a business and you have a VPN server or could afford to purchase one, it is highly recommended.
in which case your computer behaves as though you are still at the office and you have all of the network shares
accessible because home is not where you want to be.  For example, your wife is pissed you forgot anniversary.

option 2 - if you are small business and can’t quite afford a high price purchase
you could opt for a monthly subscription based service like Hamachi which allows you to create
a intranet even while you are away from the office
Hamachi is compatible with both windows and mac.

option 3 - setup your own cheap home version vpn (not as strong in security as Option 1)

part a - you could setup a Windows 7 Ultimate (yes it must be Ultimate version of windows 7)
then create a “Incoming” network connection to allow outside users in and create list of users in the computer.
First create list of users in the windows 7 computer and create a user group.  combine the list of users
into that new vpn group.
then goto control panel, and goto “network sharing and connection center”
press “Alt” on your keyboard to display the menu and choose “File”, “New Incoming Connection”
part b - purchase a Home router that has VPN server capability built right in.
simply add list of users to allow in the router and that’s it.

Just remember this key thing.  For this option you need either a static IP address or “virtual static ip”
You could get virtual IP very easily as there are free services that often comes with your router.
One example is
First visit the site or any of the other “virtual static ip” providers and sign up with a unique username and password
so that even if your home IP address changes you can still access your share simply by going to and it will always point to your actual home network.
now once you have completed that step you can go configure a VPN server

oh, thx so much for this guide :slight_smile: i will try it later :wink: