Access to a remote MyCloud device from a tool running as Windows service

I have been reading this forum, but unfortunately I have not found answers to my questions, so sorry if , so maybe someone can help!

A 2Tb MyCloud device in a secondary remote location to be used as a remote backup for data stored on a server located at primary location.
MyCloud is configured with few users (Un), each having its own private folder (\Un).
Local server (Win 2012 R2) is storing documents and picture, updated on a daily basis.

Having a backup tool running on the local server as a windows service, able to connect to the MyCloud device to sync data from local folders (“documents”, “photos”, etc…) with subfolders of the public folder, or of one of the private user’s folder…


  1. So far, I have seen how to manually connect to a remote MyCloud device by connecting first to the wdmycloud website, then mapping the remote folder as shared drive.
    Is it possible to do the same:
  • directly from windows ((2012 R2 or 8.1) knowing MyCloud device IP, shared name and user’s credentials.
  • from a tool like WebDrive (I have been unsuccessfully trying using the WebDav or SecuredWebDav options).
    I know that possibly I can use the FTP access, but would be interested by the WebDav approach.
  1. Do you know any backup tool able to use a remote MyCloud device as a backup target ? Not sure Smartware can do that, maybe the pro version ?

  2. How would you manage (create folders, upload/download files) from DotNet ? Is there any API available on MyCloud device ?

I welcome any help or comment !

1.  I haven’t tried with another tool, but the WebDav approach would be way slower than FTP

2.  Smartware Pro cannot do that.

3.  You can use the My Cloud Desktop app to manage files


thanks for your quick reply !

Regarding point 3, the idea is to expand a solution already developped in C# with some backup capabilities using MyCloud, thus looking for an API, not using the existing WD application.

Considering your performance remark (I’ll do some testing in the coming days to check how the system is working with my own config/hardware/internet provider), looks like I should considerer FTP for all "automated’ activities, keeping the webdav access for the multidevices MyCloud access using WD applications (iPad/PC) .

Anyway, I’m still looking how to connect a shared drive to the remote MyCloud device automatically without having to connect first to WDMyCloud web site.

Thanks again !

try using ownCloud server on one device, and client on the other.

use “cygwin” in windows and rsync to the wd cloud drive over the LAN, WAN ?