Access Time Machine Backups from new Macbook Pro

My daughter’s MacBook pro video card died so she purchased a new MacBook pro. Prior to her old machine dying completely, we could see time machine has been taking backups over time. I skipped migrating from the time machine backups during the initial setup of the new mac as I wanted a clean slate. Now that the mac is setup (Wi-Fi etc.) I tried to setup time machine to restore some of her files.

this is all being done via WiFi.

I can access the mycloud device within time machine (guest), but it doesn’t show any of the previous backups to restore from. When I access the myclould device from safari on her mac using my id and password (her id and password don’t work - see last paragraph) - I see that she is a user; I see the time machine share (public); and time machine is “on” in settings.

I tried to use the Migration assistant to transfer and on the “Transfer Information to This Mac” page it was able to find the mycloud device (as guest), it saw the time machine share and “jane doe’s MacBook Pro” is displayed and it shows “TimeMachineBackup” (name of the share) then it shows “Loading backup…”. I’ve left this screen untouched for over 24 hours and the “loading” never completes. If I use Finder and connect to the server - I see “jane doe’s MacBook Pro” file.

The odd thing is that when I use her user id and password to access the mycloud device (locally) it says her id/password are not valid. I went as far as changing her password while I was logged in as me and rebooted the mycloud device.

this is a 3TB mycloud device with 2TB free and firmware version 4.5.0-315.

Is this a typical home network? Could you explain your topology?

Sorry for the delay - took a few vacation days. I’m not sure what you are looking for, so if the following isn’t what you are looking for, please be more specific.

ISP is Verizon (FiOS). Single router for the house and myCloud is wired (Ethernet) to.

Ok that’s a good start… So you have an ONT (likely outside the house), a router, a single computer, and the My cloud. Is there anything else on the network? Switches? Access points? Other computers or NAS’s?

Go into Settings->Network on the Mac. Click the WINS tab and be sure the workgroup matches what is set on the WDcloud.