Access through router

WD TV live IP address is     My bookworld IP address is on another router 192.168.3. 121

 How can I access this ip address on my media player.  The two routers are connected.

 Access point feeds 192.168.3 1

Then this router feeds

If I could somehow put in the IP addy for My Bookworld on my WD live it would work

any suggestions. 


Hi, why not connect the the WDTV and the my book to the same router? Just in case you also have the option to setup the WDTV and the my book IP number manually. 

thank you for responce.

I need it to be on the So that other people on this network can also access the my book manually.

I can not find where to input the IP to the wd media player.


You can’t.   The WD devices are designed for home networks where all devices are on the same subnet.